Mountain-Born and Crafted

Wildly Clean Candles

We believe in handcrafted quality and attention to detail. Our candles are clean-burning and eco-friendly, harnessing the power of nature to inspire and relax.

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Luxurious and Elegant

Handcrafted Candles for Every Occasion

Each candle is thoughtfully created to bring a sense of peace and serenity to your space while being gentle on the planet.

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Cabin Candle Park City

Our candles are handcrafted from a coconut wax blend, with an untreated wooden wick that crackles softly as it burns, creating a soothing ambiance. Our candles are free from harmful chemicals, dyes, and additives, making them safe for you and the environment.

Find Your Perfect Candle

Signature Collection: Crafted with a luxurious blend of coconut wax, featuring a crackling wooden wick made from untreated USA native wood. Encased in a 7 oz glass jar with a sleek silver lid. This vegan candle is free of dyes and Prop 65 ingredients.

Burn & Grow: Our 2-in-1 candle that not only offers a heavenly scent but also doubles as a handmade terra cotta plant pot. Our innovative label is embedded with wildflower seeds.

Mini Tins: These adorable candles come in silver paint tins with custom labels and rustic edges. Perfect for gifting or on-the-go coziness. These 3.5 oz candles are made with a coconut wax blend and a crackling wooden wick.

Light Up Your Adventure    Clean-Burning Mountain Candles

Crafted with Love by Nature Lovers, for Nature Lovers    A Tribute to the Wild

Discover the Magic of Our Candles

Our carefully crafted candles are designed to transform your space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. With an array of enchanting fragrances and beautiful designs, each candle promises to elevate your moments, whether you're relaxing at home, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in a moment of tranquility.


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